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Default Lime Changes

This is still in ktest and could change

General:cast time seems to have been reduced for most skills

RRT: slight movement foward
RbRRT: Different lime and pushes farther, as well as quicker
Wiggly Jelly: a large poo infront now, no longer like Eir's dodge
Shiny Shung: larger particle, no longer lowers cd with the level.
Rb Shiny Shung: Just pushes, no longer curves, physical skill

Transformations: Wabang/Cool pangpang duration at 35, they both give hp boost and increases max damage, and some other skill which i would guess would be increasing minimum damage.
Cool pangpang: (as seen on the video)
75: range changes or something

Kowabunga:max 7 caps at 50%
Pots now look different (unless this is old i dont know)
Vit/str is like (set number)+(percent) but i dont know the exact numbers, require reagents from level one.
hp/mp pots still the same
Orange pot is a rage explosion for lime +35% leveling only increases duration max 7sp, 60secs.
hp buff the same

Passive, only thing that has changed is the speed passive 2sp to max and it's 10% per level (or 20 forgot).

Anything else i will try to answer.

By Rolly~

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