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Default Testing...

Not my best gameplay, but hey I'm still trying to familiarize with the whole recording/editing stuff. I scrapped 2 other videos because I messed up the sounds/avi file was broken/camstudio or SDGO crashes. At the fourth game, I finally managed to make the camstudio thingy to work. Set the options to 'don't record sound' and set it to fullscreen. I also included the very first video I recorded which was unfortunately a very small one because of my incompetence with technology. @_@ But hey, homings got nothing on me. Those things will never hit me, not even in their wildest dreams. Scored 6-1 in that game, but the screen was so small that it's hard to see.


BGM was 'Own little world' by Celldweller. Get it? Little world? Haha, anyway special thanks to Melty for providing me with the awesome BGM. I love you man, no really, I do in a non homosexual way.

Recorded 4 videos around past 12 midnight HK time, so yeah I know my boost management was bad in some parts of the video so please bear with me.

New Video o_o
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