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Default Eden Eternal: Things To Know!

Quick tips on things to consider during your journey in the game:

In-game Acronyms - What does DPS mean? HoT? Huh? Read this:

Class Weapon Bonuses - You don't have to stick to only that class weapon if you duel wield. For example, if you need a sword to do your skills/get a class bonus, but you have a very strong club/mace, you can still get the bonus as long as the required weapon is equipped.

Class Weapon Bonuses - They don't stack if you duel wield the required weapons

Luv Points / Couple Hearts - Each luv coin requires an earned 20 points of fame between the two lovers, whether one spends all the time farming points, or if they split the work and each earn 10 points per coin. Fame can be acquired through multiple different forms, including but not limited to farming rare bosses and dungeons. Weekly bonuses are also given based on your level.

Being in a Relationship - You can "couple" with another player, and its automatically 10%. You have a dedicated chat window, and a heart icon for each other on the map.

Warping for Storage - Save at the map you're grinding, make your way to Aven through your maps' portal for 1 silver, and then Soul Return to save money.

Town Legion Event - Generally every hour at the x:10 minute mark, Quest monsters with <Legion> will appear to destroy the maps' crystal. Getting a hit in (for any maps lower level than Golden Plains) will net you a "legion box". They have items that help with exp/cp gain, as well as Orange gear.

Town Legion Event - Most of the time, its relatively easy to kill at least 3 of the 4 legions that appear. They come out 3 times. So kill 1, 2, 3, and the first 1 will spawn momentarily. Know the routes to get there quick and get the hit in! Its relatively easy to get at least 9 "legion boxes" per event.

Orange Gear for "Free"! - Getting a hit on a legion (Avilia Volcano and down) will net you a Legion Box. There are generally 4 mails sent to you (one for each legion defeated) that will randomly give a "town turn in item" (read below for what theyre for), Asbee crystals, craft items, and a chance to get a legion armor box. There are 4 boxes (it doesn't matter which legion you destroy, each legion has a chance to drop any of the 4 boxes. In the box, you can get 4 unique items. So each set of legions (4), has a chance to give you 16 items (4 uniques, per box. There are 4 armor boxes).

Armor Sets - There are 2 ways to get armor sets - buy them from crafters, or get them from legions and Aven fame merchants. Crafters will generally sell the entire set to you. The other method requires you to hunt legions for certain armor pieces, where you will complete with Aven fame merhcants.

Aven Fame - Don't get too caught up turning in Terrified or Foolish thoughts. Focus on turning in the higher craft turn ins first (each Aven merchant accepts one type of craft category; Farming, Summoning, Mining). Each Aven Mechant also accepts the same amount of thoughts. Don't expect to buy your way into Aven fame just going by Thoughts; its more money than you might think!

CP/EXP 30% - In legion boxes, there are items related to the town you're grinding in. If you turn in these 10 items, you will get a 30% CP/EXP boost. They do NOT stack, so use them one at a time.

Stacking CP/EXP - Individual items stack on top (up to 500%). Same items DO NOT stack, with certain exceptions. So, if you have Item I, Item II, Item X, they all stack. Adding Item I, Item I, Item I will not make it x3. Some actually just extend the duration, making it LAST x3, not give you x3 the effect.

Questing and Leveling - When you level, its best to have 3 things with you: The actual story quest, the book quest (purchased in Aven and/or at your town's Grocery Store), and a guild quest (purchased in Aven and/or Guild Towns). Have these three run concurrently to get the best gold/exp for your time. There are 3 types of experience you get from monsters. ou can pick up extra quests that acquire you guild fame (reputation) from other towns' bulletin boards (if your guild doesn't have a town). When doing dungeons, make sure to pick up a guild dungeon quest! Its not the same one you can get in Aven, its only available in Guild Towns. You get Base exp, your level. You get Class exp, your class. And you get class points, points used towards your skills. You never stop getting class points, even if you are 50/50. Y

Quick Stores - If you need an NPC to sell your stuff, you can easily go to a Guild Town (Press G -> Find Towns -> Towns -> Select a town -> Go to Bulletin Board -> Select any range -> Sell). Towns you'd like would depend on type (mountain or forest, with mountain being the fastest to get to the NPC and the forest being the prettiest) and tax (generally important if you use the guild's NPC's to force or farm).

Quick Chatting - You can switch chat types with Ctrl G, P, S for Guild, Party, Say. To reply to whispers faster, press Ctrl R.

Save Space - This mainly applies to pots, but works for any item that can be traded. If you want to save space in your inventory or bank, you can bring those items into Auction House, set price to under 10 silver, Auction it, and immediately cancel it so it goes to your Mail Box for storage. Gotta be quick about this though!

Be Versatile - Make sure to level other classes. Everyone has a CE level, Class Expertise. This is a value thats based on all the class leveling you've done, and gives a bonus for overall progress. For example, someone who's leveled all their classes to level 20, versus someone who only has 2 level 40's, will have more HP than the latter. CE gives HP, MP, and other various bonsues per level. So don't just stick to one class, especially if you're at class limit because of base level!

Breaking Bosses - When you click on the boss, their picture comes up. It displays their weakness (on the left, with 3~ icons) and their skills, the ? on the right. You can also view their drops too. There are 3 bars: HP, MP, BP. The more you hit the boss with their weakness, the more BP decreases. If you conquer the boss with their BP drained and broken (you can see if they Broke with a flashy icon, a changed boss look, and nothing in the BP bar), you have a higher chanced for rare/blue items!

Reading HELPS! - Make sure you read the boss skills to know what to do in situations. Also make sure to thoroughly read your own class skills. Some skills are more effective if certain skills are cast first! Especially for DPS and Defense classes!

Shards - Don't forget to combine your meteor/any shards when you get 4 of them (the first one gives 5% move speed). These are perma-items that help you ingame! You can continually use them over and over!

Buying Gear - Get to the Auction House in Aven asap and DON'T buy NPC gear. Theres no real need to buy Aven gear, AH is usually cheaper.

Armors - Don't focus on getting orange armor/weapons during the early levels. You will just level out of it. Crafting stuff past 43 requires fame items

Selling Stuff! - Keeping everything in your bag makes it fill REALLY quickly. Don't be afraid to NPC stuff.

Focus First! - Don't try and spend money on all the class skills for all classes. Pick a focus and spend there as a priority.

Setting Up Your Gear/Hotkeys - Try to keep a semiconsistent setup for classes so you don't get used to one and then go to another class and you're just lost. It hinders gameplay and can take time to relearn new setups. Try to get well rounded gear sets so you don't wind up with a Magician that has GHeal gear or a Hunter that has Cast speed.

Don't Make it a Solo Event - Parties make this game bearable and even enjoyable. So party hard.

Field Bosses Field bosses spawn every 2 hours

Field Boss Trophies Their stats focus on class skills and extend their duration. For example, instead of X skill lasting for Y seconds, it gets increased to Z (Y+5) seconds with the trophy equipped. The value on the trophy will be the new duration of said skill when said trophy is equippped.

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