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I downloaded the SRW OGS OST the other day to get some fresh BGM's. It goes well with the SRW Impact OST.

0006/Gundam Fight - Trust You Forever (G Gundam)
0007/Colony Laser - Try Again (Macross)
0015/Neo Tokyo - Brass Sincerity (SRW OGS)
0018/Basin Fort/BoG/HK City - Fighting Spirit, Without Limit (SRW Alpha 3)
0019/Africa Desert - Gundam Shutsugeki (Gundam SEED)
0020/Colony City - Wild Flug (SRW OGS)
0021/Neo China - Variable Formation (SRW OGS)
0022/Colony Fall - Just Communication (Gundam Wing)
0023/Ruin City II - Everywhere You Go (SRW OGS)
And finally 0024/AEU Practice Field - MEN OF DESTINY (0083)