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Originally Posted by Kurisu
Oh boo, that sux, also Leongz go claim 20 k g and 30 custom slots, I think you has it too.

On the side note, got sick of Wasabii's error report copy pasting same answer 4 times in a row. Imma find a combo breaker for this...
Ermmm ... Sorry Quant, care to explain how? Or is it suppose to be in the gift box? if it is, then I dont have it.

EDIT: I registered last year.
Event 1
Quote from wiki
Receive a reward based on how long you've been playing!
Players registered from before April 1st can get 20,000 points and 30 slot extenders!
Players registered between April 1st and July 14th will get a 15-day S-rank.
Players registered after July 14th will get 10,000 points and a 30-day Type D operator.
But I don't see anything in my gift box, is it supposed be to claimed somewhere else ?

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