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Default Clan Events and Notices - Updated July 28th 2011

Please enjoy the events!

Gameplay videos? What are those?

Make a gameplay video! There will be two months to make 3 videos to enter into this competition. In other words, the due date is end of march.

Please make a video of what you consider to be your personal best gameplay quality, or something. The best video set will be rewarded! The conditions are as follows.

Any players, not just Synergy members may participate.
Please include your clan in the video if applicable.
Please include your IGN or an alias which you would like to go by.
Does not have to be gameplay, it can be something funny or stupid! (like that zeong head tribute)

Clan Practice/PvP/Black Room*

Clan pvp will take place on a daily basis if there are enough members in the clan online at one time, the same will occur with black rooms. If you are online when one of these is called to take place, you should come join. ;D

The actual practices will take place every

Saturday Morning
Sunday Morning
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