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Originally Posted by Griever
I had this same issue too on my old laptop. The game ran just fine before that on medium-high settings, but afterwards even at the LOWEST settings the game was unplayable.


Once I did that, it got Lunia back up to normal and I could play it without lag on medium settings.

Depending on what gfx card you have, some will allow you to prioritize performance over picture quality. Honestly, I don't notice much difference in terms of picture quality between setting my gfx card to performance over quality/battery life. Worth a try.

You should also DEFRAG if you haven't already. Also downloading CCleaner helps a ton. All of these things combined won't fix the issue entirely, but it should make it a bit better.
Hm well, I tried now everything the guide,ccleaner etc. Its still the same, low fps :x
(defraging right now)

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