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Default The Mac Dictionary

I proudly present The Mac Dictionary. Couldnt be done without our trusted buddies over at Urban Dictionary, July 11: add to cart. Here we Macs post what our names mean, or random blah blah that we say everyday. Let the world know what your name truly means! I'll start off with a few examples and how to post them accordingly.

Word: Chris
Link: Urban Dictionary: Chris
Meaning: is a slang for huge C**k
like incredibly huge.
Example: Oh man I wish I had a chris in me.

Word: Wassay
Link:Urban Dictionary: Wassay
Meaning:To wassay is to be completely fail at what you are doing
Example: Man you just wassayed that math test

Word: KOS
Link:Urban Dictionary: "You're KoS"
Meaning: Kill On Sight
Example: If someone is KOS that means you devour them right when you see them no questions asked.

Word: Joel
Link: Urban Dictionary: Joel
Meaning: Refers to a cool, intellectual, popular, well-liked, needed, or otherwise important person. A person that's more important than regular people.
Example:Alex: Wow that guy is hot!
Karina: Oh that's Joel.
Alex: oh my goodness.

Word: Rachel
Link: Urban Dictionary: Rachel
Meaning: rachel's are usually cute and pretty. have a good body and are smart. they also tend to be popular and silly and like to fool around.
Example: damn that girl is hot she's probably a rachel.

Word: Tachi
Link: Urban Dictionary: Tachi
Meaning: 1. Old British male
2. A homosexual who has an inate urge to receive semen regularly.
3. A declaration of ones stupidity.
4. A flaming flat noob ****.
5. Commonly used as a remark on someones attitude in a disrespectful manner.
6. in reference to a dirty female sexual organ. Commonly cut down to the word Tach
Example: 1. John isn't from ireland he is a Tachi
2. That Tachi can't keep himself out of the glory hole in the mens bathroom.
3. Come on you can't be that tachi can you?
4. Shut up Tachi!
5. You're such a Tachi I swear to god.
6. I wouldn't bro I think she has a Tach'

Word: Invader Zim
Link: Wikipedia: Invader Zim
Meaning: People who invade our forums and aren't in the guild. <3
Example: An Invader Zim has entered our forum. What's their name? MintyVampire.

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