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Default [MSoTW][11/07 - 17/07] Kshatriya

Sorry, I had a little family trouble that happened earlier but here's my MS review.

NZ-666 Kshatriya

Ever feel left out and wished there was an S rank that had the capabilities of psycho and some special MA A ranks? Meet Kshatriya, Rock type MS' worst nightmare. Kshatriya is an improved model of Quin-Mantha, featured in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. What are the suit capabilities? Well, let's find out:

Range Mode:

Weapon 1: Machine Cannons

3-shot burst. Double shot.

This weapon is pretty standard, and does pretty decent damage. every gundam/ms needs a type of ballistic weapon. Reload rate is about the same as any other Mg weapon, empty it all, reloads fast as heck.

Weapon 2: Megaparticle Cannons

Fires a spread beam. Immobile while firing.

That fun weapon that psycho uses in Ma mode? Yep it's that. Rock players need to fear this! A few shots in the back will kill you easily cause the critical hits will scale high! One thing though, the reload on this is kind of well, depressing, so might wanna fire some MG and wait until the enemy gets near.

Weapon 3: Funnels

Remote Weapon

Not too special, just funnels. You only get 6, no 30 funnels for you!

Melee Mode:

Weapon 1: Beam Sabers

5 hits to knockdown.

Yep, one of those paper S ranks with five hit melee, rigged~

Weapon 2: Funnel Burst

6-shot burst. Inflicts Stun ailment.

You thought Legend Melee Mode was the only one with stun guns? Well, try this one on for size. Think of this as a more rigged combo than Legend's R2. Here's another kicker, the range of this weapon is pretty far and has no delay, which trumps Legend's R2. Thank you for mentioning I forgot that melty lol.

Fortress EX
The unit's defense is greatly increased and does not flinch when attacked by melee weapons when HP drops below 30%.(However, dash speed is lowered)

Similar skill to Psyco A ranks, makes it very useful when rocks come to melee you, you can use w2 to decimate them easy. Or go Melee mode and eat them alive.

Enhanced Human's Fate
When the unit's HP drops below 50%, funnel damage, reload speed, ranged special damage, search distance, and movement speed are increased.

Another very useful skill as a buff. Although it's kind of a bummer this is skill two, somewhat similar to HAC. Nevertheless, still very good as an increase of power for Kshatriya.

Tips and Strategies

This suit rushes pretty well, but don't do it alone, this isn't as tanky like HAC! However, do not attempt this much when you are playing against a NTD. Usually stay in Melee mode if you attempt this

-Megaparticle Beam
This is powerful, but don't waste it! You want to get as close as possible then fire it. Fire it in the back is preferred lol. But use it mid range if the enemy is too threatening.

They are still somewhat of a threat to you even with Fortress skill, so do pay attention to them and don't think to yourself that you are invincible. By the time you build up fortress, it's likely other people have spec at that time as well.

-Playing defensive
Kshatriya does not have any long range weaponry, so you can't really camp with this suit. Do not attempt to camp with this, you'll probably waste ammo in the long run and things like NTD will kill you.

Custom/Over Custom Builds

c HP oc atk
c agi oc atk
full atk

As usual, Olgame


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