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Yea... It was cause we couldn't really get the team together when the tournament started >.<.

And mind you we don't have very good OC5s either...

Justice and two Destinys. Lol. (I think R or his bro might be on OC4 or something. Dunno).

Also, the whole 13 point thing is also really discouraging. I understand its to balance the teams somewhat, but it actually hinders "noobs" like my group of friends and me more than it helps.

It forces us NOT to use the S ranks we've spent our meagre SDGO lives grinding for, and instead use random crap we barely have all the skills on.

Then again I wouldn't like to get raped by OC6+ S ranks X.x.

But yea as above I would be keen in participating, but I just feel theres just too much stuff preventing me.