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Default Stats and sub-stats

Most/all of this info is floating around official forums, but I've independently tested and had it lying around for a while.

First off, main stats and their conversion to sub-stats:
STR: 5 P-ATK, 1 Block
AGI: 1 Evade, 0.8 Parry, 0.5 Attack Speed, 1 Cast speed
WIS: ??? probably either 0.5 or 1 G-Healing and P-Healing, not too sure yet
LCK: 0.8 Crit Rate, 1 M-Crit Rate, 1 Accuracy

10 P-ATK = 1 damage
10 M-ATK = 1 damage
Most skills that say +x P/M-ATK simply do your normal damage plus that much. The amount an attack can vary from the average depends on the skill or weapon used.

to convert sub-stats to the actual percentages...
stat/(1+Level*0.4) = %, or stat/21 for level 50.
You may also have to add a base value after calculation; 5% for Evade, 3% for Crit/M-Crit, 1% for Accuracy.

Defense works slightly differently; damage reduction at level 50 is DEF/18430 and is capped at 50%. Too lazy to figure it out for lower levels, but it's a linear formula so it's not hard to get. If you really care, just divide your DEF by your damage reduction to get the divisor for your level. EDIT: ok I lied there isn't a real simple formula to give the divisor for every level. It is true that DEF and damage reduction are linearly related though, so it's still simple to figure it out for your own level if you're curious.

Certificates and talents that increase sub-stats by a percentage work off the amount of that stat you already have. In other words, if you have an Evade rate of 25%, a talent that increases Evade by 5% will raise it to 26% (5% base + 105%*20%, or 5%+21%).

Equipping a weapon in your shield slot will grant you 30% of its PATK/MATK and 100% of its stats. It will also change your attack speed to be based solely off it, not your main hand weapon.

Attack speed = base attack speed / (1 + (ASPD modifier/100))
In other words, if you have a 1.5 base attack speed and +100 ATK SPD (which would take 2100 ATK SPD at level 50), you would autoattack every 0.75 seconds.
In other other words, your ATK SPD stat is divided by your level modifier, 1 + 0.4(Level); this gives a percentage increase in attacks done. Again, at level 50, 2100 ATK SPD = 100% ATK SPD = 100% more attacks = half the time between attacks.

Cast speed, on the other hand, directly reduces cast times. 50% cast speed = half the time taken to cast spells.
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