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Originally Posted by Kurisu
SS 00 XN Raiser

Skill 1: Twin Drive System (We know what this does)
Skill 2: Trans-am Raiser: At 50% hp, increase atk, def, agi, speed, reload and boost duration. Also has the effect of Latent Potential. Able to dodge any attack (including SP), turns invisible and disappear from radar for 1 second, drains SP from usage. Can use this effect even when attacking.

GN Sword II Mode
w1: Melee, 5 hit till KD
w2: Twin GN Beam Machine guns (Same as Arios' w3 but hurts more)
w3: 4-Tube Missile Launcher (Like SR NZ)
w4: Aoe Spec (Orewa Gundam da!)

GN Sword III Mode
w1: Melee, 5 hits till kd. Can chain up to 8 hits.
w2: GN Buster Sword. No melee dash, 5 hits till kid. Can chain up to 10 hits.
w3: GN Vulcans. 4 hit burst.
w4: Melee Spec (Oretachi wa, Gundam da!)
not hax enough lolololol