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Isn't it obvious?
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Dai: Sell me my MC Headphones? DDD (If you're actually interested PM me xD)

Anyyywaaaaayyyyyyy, the first of these is pretty old because I've been waiting for the guy to remove me from friends. Hasn't happened yet and I really don't care to wait much longer.


Thanks to a kind guildy I did get the Authority. :3
Anyway... here's the one from yesterday:

[Retired: Atlantica, Thebes]
* Kharma lv. 120 Saw. [DELETED]
*Vivaladel lv. 101 staff [DELETED]
*Scribbles lv. 61 Musi. [DELETED]
[Retired: Trickster Online, Jewelia]
*LoonyExE lv. 193 Cyber Hunter
*Tenne Lv. 200 Gambler [DELETED]
*iKismet Lv. 210 Wizard
*Riddlez Lv. 210 Champion
Help me find a new MMO?

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