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Originally Posted by Ivis
ss rank zeta go gogogogoo

1.) beam saber bayonet
2.) beam rifle
3.) homing grenade
melee spec


1.) wave rider crash
2.) mega beam cannon
beam spec
SS rank The O!

W1 - 5 hit combo - Chain to 15 possible.
W2 - Beam rifle <Four shots at once, from all four beam rifles>
W3 - Stun gun. 5 ammo, medium reload

AoE Spec! Beam Spam!

Alt Mode!

W1 - 10 hit combo - Chain to 20 possible.
W2 - No boost melee combo! 5 hits. Chain to 8 possible.
W3 - Grapple move. The O dashes forward 1.5 Gundam Fight squares. If he catches something, he picks up the enemy MS with 2 swords, slashing it repeatedly with the other two. Stun effect throughout.

Melee Spec! A Slashy Slashy!

AHAHAHAHHAHAHA HOCHIRON! - Paptimus's War Cry. Attack up, mobility up, reload up.
Paptimus' pride - Grants MS temporary fortress, mobility up, attack up, booster extension, when hit by a single enemy hit dealing more than 2% HP in one go. AoE stun that ignores vaccines when this happens <Like God Gundam>

Chapt 3 is out go read it AwA