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Gundam 00 Seven Swords/G

Rank: SR Rock

Wep 1: GN Buster Sword II, 5 hits to knockdown
Wep 2: GN Blaster rifle II(Nu style blast)
Wep 3: GN Katar combo, 3 part melee combo
SP: GN Buster Dancer (wild combo with Buster sword and katars)

Mode 2: Twin Drive mode(drive cones go to the back, increasing speed but lowering def)
Wep 1: GN Blade II's, 5 hits to knockdown
Wep 2: GN Long Blade II(rifle mode), knocks down, penetrates
SP 2: GN Blade Frenzy (combo with GN Blades and Beam sabers at the end cuz they got no attention :P)

1. Trans Am
2. Twin Drive System
I'd KILL to use favorite 00 =P

I like Virtual on ;0

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