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Default Create a Mobile Suit!

Not to be confused with this topic. There's a thread like this on the SDGO Wiki forums, but I thought it'd be amusing to post it here too.

In short, make up some mobile suit/mecha that's not in the game, give it skills (feel free to make up your own), and a moveset. More or less, if that suit was added to the game, what would it be like? Doesn't necessarily have to be from Gundam, any mecha anime will do and will probably make for some fun designs.


Gundam Spiegel - A-Rank Rock
Art of Fighting: Gundam Fighter - Adds a chance of a major damage increase during melee attacks. (Low probability.)
Auto Lockon Jammer (A) - Enemies can not auto-lockon to the unit when its HP drops below 30%.

Spiegel Blade - 5 hits to knockdown.
Messergranz Knife - 3-shot burst. 5 ammo, medium range, fast reload.
Iron Net - 1 ammo. Inflicts Slow ailment. Medium range, slow reload. Gives temporary invisibility, attack up, agility up, and defense down.
Special Attack (Melee, Sturm Und Drang obviously)