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Default Adventures in Glitchland

Image heavy.

Ha ha so... a few of us were derping around at the volcano (Well, more I was watching guildies be derps while I just sat there), and someone used a skill... and all of a sudden everything just glitched on me rofl.

So of course I ran around screenshotting all the wtf before I relogged I8 Really, it was worse looking at this in person ha ha.

Holy balls I'm shiny. No master balls, pls.

Pink everywhere, interesting black and red dog, wat.

I have no words.

If you look in the bottom right corner, one of the npcs is like.. barely a sorry frame

I tried to take my dog off and realized I couldn't see anything ffff.

Monster hijinks.

I DON'T EVEN KNOW. That last one was really terrible running through. NEON PINK ERRYWHERE.

I had itunes up, so all the puff clouds from running around glitched into a Muse album LOL.


No more shiny, I can see through myself.

Look, I found a cat... ?

I went back to town and this npc showed up, idk.

I relaunched the client and everything was fine after that, but lol. That was uh... yeah.


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