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Default Minstrel build questions/suggestions?

Alright, so I'm in the process of reskilling and I want to get some clarity on a few things. I'm going more towards a battle oriented minstrel. So, let me begin my questions:

Does getting the water elemental masteries affect my ES in any way or should I just leave them out? I'm not getting any water skills, as I never use them.

I don't plan on getting purification tree because... Just ew. No. I don't want it. I don't find it useful.

Is elemental flow/spell damage power/parasensory worth getting?

Elemental flow works fine for me, I just don't know what level to get it to. I didn't notice the damage increase for spell damage power, so does putting points in it actually do anything?

Also, with parasensory, I really didn't feel the skill cooldown time was that dramatically life changing. So is it just me or are those following skills worth getting?

Should I go down the crit tree as well? If I do, I'm planning on stopping at understanding of elements since the last two seem relatively useless.

Finally, if I somehow have points to spare. What other skills would be good to have? Other than heals, voice of holy spirit, preformance of rest/harmony, and megadeath. Is bolstering/holy preformance worth getting? Or should I just leave those skills alone?

Feel free to recommend skill builds that would be good for a battle minstrel. I have 146 skillpoints to use. And my 5th tier can only go up to 4 atm.

Thanks for the responses.
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