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In the past, you gained SP by leveling your SP level up, and getting enough for Dio's 2nd job was grueling and slow to have it complete at 60 Max SP.

Now, when your character levels up, you gain 2 SP, or something like that.

And, yes, you can easily screw up an ST by investing in too much, say, passive skills like Crit Up. (Skill Counter Cooldown is arguable) Another way to screw it up is by investing SP on both sides of Active skills. So, for example, If you got Dio's 2nd job (as a right-sided Dio), but you invested all of your extra 30 SP on the left-side of Dio's 1st job ST, you're going to be a Stygian powerhouse, but you won't have that many benefits of Drakar's 2nd job ST. So, the first thing that's best to do is to invest in Active skills first on one side, just in case. Of course, there's always practice mode to help you choose.

As opposed to the MP characters' 35 SP limit, AP characters have a limit of 30 (and 60 if they're in their 2nd job advancement; namely, Dio for now), so be careful, or you'll have to purchase some SP Reset Cards from the shop...or wait until Zero's 2nd job comes (each time an AP character's job comes, there's a mass Skill Tree Reset during the update).

-Each character level up gains him/her 2 SP, or something similar to that.
-It's best to invest in Active skills, mainly on one side, first than to dabble in Passives first.
-AP characters have 30 SP limits as opposed to MP characters having 35. Distribute them wisely.

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