Thread: How to PvP?
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Default How to PvP?

FFFFFFFIN Impossible to PvP without any standing combos....>_>
all the chars i play get standing combo blocked cause 25% health in a few attacks is "too much damage"
Can't play brawler correctly for shit since combo starters count as too strong....
combo being: XXX->brick cancel -> dash attack + tiger chain -> stinger cancel [standing combo protection hits here]-> launch -> dash attack juggle -> net reset -> XXX -> brick cancel -> tiger chain -> stinger cancel -> dash juggle -> apply poison(as enemy falls) -> mount/(if near wall)explosive hook -> suplex -> mount. /seismic resets work too, but not high enough yet to use effectively
Even on my other characters like exo i get a few hits in and it already equals 25% damage.

So as the title says, How to PvP, now that standing protection has been implemented?

Also, i know that the protection helps since scat like infinite Monk standing combos were OP, but 25% is waaay too little of damage for protection to kick in. I mean its called a COMBO for an fffin reason. I don't wanna play like no 12 year old Weapon Master juggling only cause that makes combos reeeeaaallly boring(especially on fighters/look boring too). I Mad.