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Default [MSoTW][04/07 - 010/07] Amatsu Incomplete

MSoTW: Amatsu Incomplete

With the suit coming soon (to TW), and me having the privilege of owning one slightly earlier, I shall just do a review on my latest favorite B-scis - Amatsu Incomplete.

As someone who can't use Amatsu, this unit is a pure blessing. It's brutally painful, packed with a decent melee, has invis, and has 3 lives. You can't really ask for anything better than that, for a B rank.

Stats below. A OC6 with all atk, it is just one stat short of hitting the maximum attack points. That's something extremely sexy.

W1: 4 hit melee, good for a scissors. It is not at the level of RE-GZ or Colasour, but it is more than enough for defense, or an offensive strike. Melees better than Amatsu, which is something.

W2: Zooks that has a magazine of 11 shots deep. Reloads decent, fires blazingly fast (almost the speed of AR Buster). The only weird thing is that it is located on the left arm, which I think is the only zooker to do so. Takes some time to get used to.

W3: Invis darts. Nothing really much to talk about.

Spec: Guess it is their way of balancing it, but spec is a rather disappointing melee spec. Cool sequence though.

Nothing to complain there. I find both of the skills actually better than Amatsu's. Attack up on this makes it a painful scis to fight against, while OS helps in lots of areas (especially reload), but you have to drop your HP a little.

Detailed Analysis
What can I say? This thing is good, if you enjoy playing zooks. Shot for shot, zooks always deals more than beams, at the cost of accuracy. Having invis helps you in doing deadly back-stabs, and if you manage to land just a few zooks on an enemy's back, they will be half-crippled, if not dead.

It does suffers slightly from having only physical damage, but phase-shift is one of the moves that reduces the least attack. 11 clips means that while you will still run out of ammo if you fire blindly, it is deep enough for you to get the job done, and run. Compared to AR Buster, it has a way better melee set to fall back to should your ammo ever runs out.

It is slightly frail, but that is something that applies to nearly all invis units. I'll say that this thing can hold itself properly if you play right.

There's nearly no weak, seriously. Except the fact that it is a zook unit, so the usual zook weaknesses, such as maps and etc, applies. Other than that, there is nothing to complain about.

(My) Playing Style
Played it as a zook unit, but obviously with a lot of emphasis on the invis. It is also one of the few zook scis that have a really decent melee, so it is quite a good secondary weapon to fall back on against papers and scis.

Standard play of zooks still applies. As always, it is advantageous for zookers to fire from a higher ground as compared to your enemies, so try to use high grounds to your advantage. If not, always try to zook from the air, instead of on level ground. Zooking into the air is always not advised, but if you have spare ammo to do so, by all means try.

I can't stress enough of aiming papers -> scis -> rocks while using this suit (though that should be common sense to most players by now). It decimates papers and even frail scissors. Needless to say, crit if you have the chance, but do not insist on it.

Invis on this unit works both offensively and defensively. Obviously, if you are to use it on offense, if the enemies have you locked on, invis right next to an ally so that they will not suspect about the sudden shift in their auto-lock. It is also a good defensive weapon, and can be used to confuse enemy rocks while you are zooking away at their papers.

Melee is never your main source of damage, so if you use it, never KD on melee unless you are defending yourself.

OC, just go pure attack on this thing. OC atk + Atk up + Invis = brutal rape.

Comparisons against other units
The only other B invis scis unit is Amatsu, which offers a different option in terms of a beam rifle. Both plays slightly differently and excels on different maps, even though their roles are the same. Amatsu Incomplete does have the better melee though, if that counts.

In fact, it is currently the only unit that offers invis + zook in the same weapon set. Nothing else comes close to the role it plays.

Rocks with phase-shift gives it the biggest headache. A lot of combo-orientated rocks can easily KO you with a single combo should they ever catch you. Be cheap and pack teleports on this baby.

Radar units lessens the impact of invis, but invis itself can be used just like a temporarily offensive boost, so it is not really that bad.

Gameplay Videoes
Typical casual gameplay. Nothing exciting, but Amatsu does it job there. Amatsu doesn't really play flashy - it's just invis, kill, run. I am ways off trying to be at the level of the next Amatsu video that I will post below me though.

My zooks accuracy had dropped considerably, which I hated. That's one of the main reason why I had been playing Amatsu Incomplete regularly these days, in my attempt to gain it back.

Somehow lost the first game because their entire team focused me with stuns+spec, plus the Zaku3 in my team was pretty worthless compared to theirs.

The game-play that I aims to be. Deadly accuracy, good boost management. Both mine and his are at OC6.

That is all. Hope you guys enjoy it, till next time.

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