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Default Offical Offline Trial For Testing stuff ― 「ELSWORD」の“オフライン体験版”を4Gamerに掲載。 貘*お先に新*ャラ“ラシェ”で遊んじゃおう(ELSWORD )
comes with chung(No 1st job/2nd job),Lord Knight,Elemental Master,Reckless Fist,Code Nemesis,Grand Archer,all in lv35.
277.84MB...that a good size for a trial,just need a translation and it is all done.

  File: ES-1.0-Trial-Setup.exe
CRC-32: 802312d8
   MD4: c888df4524fadab9fe4f8f127766812c
   MD5: c239116886e1a9881c9570d39a902f76
 SHA-1: 5e987f0d130a6fe8c66b9d56e26fe30ed0c1515e