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I would love to give an excuse for not participating, but I won't.
I shall speak on behalf of HellFall.
My clan, I won't stop them from joining such tourneys but I will also not encourage them.

Some of them couldn't even get their basics right. Should they play with a team that are prepared or well-prepared, they will not even stand a chance.
You know, you saw them in action yesterday ... lol.

Next, a tournament with NO OC restrictions will most likely make them want to OC their suits badly in order to get themselves prepared for the tourney. However, mostly in my clan practice/trainings I hope for the best from them without relying on OCed suits. I encourage them to not use OCed suits but should they participate in tourneys against highly OCed suits, having higher OCed suits will definitely be mandatory.

Despite all that, you hosting the tourney to help others to improve is a good deed and understandable. From my defeat in one of your previous tourneys last time, I was even more determined to play better/improve. Back then, I didn't know how to position my self and that probably cost Blizt and Weis the game. The best part about a tourney is that, if you GET DEFEATED BADLY, YOU WILL RAGE AND ASK WHY?!HOW?! and such, after that, that "feeling" comes, the player might change. Yes, that feeling is called Determination. (which I do think some of the TW players in ggFTW do lack)

Needless to say, I just don't think that some of us (especially my clan) is ready yet. Weis is correct as well about both Casual/Dedicated players and skills being earned over time.
(though this only applies if the player constantly practice/tries to improve)

Thus, HellFall didn't participate in the tourney.