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MARZ have some really talented people, with that said.
I want us HellFall to improve as well.

Those of you in this clan wonder why I emphasised on constantly focusing on doing/learning only 1 thing is because I am that type that believes practicing/constantly trying will result in a faster learning.
If I did like this week's training, Melee only then the next, sniping only, by the time the 3rd week arrives, you might only be able to snipe cause you didnt constantly practice those melee techniques, hence the ineffectiveness.

I do not believe that there is such words like:
"I can only play paper suits."
"I cannot melee."
"I can only right click to shoot, else I will waste my ammo"

Anyone and everyone can be good at anything AS LONG as they keep trying and keep practicing.

Moving on, next week's clan meeting/practice is gonna be all about:


(If we can get at least 6/8 players including me, DM would be nice)
(Black room (Blue vs Red) and teams will be fixed)
(At least one Rock,Paper,Scissors in each team)

I do recommend both sides to avoid using highly oced suits (suits > oc3)