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Originally Posted by zgmfx19a
My aim is to hold something that will make GGFTW improve, whether it is OCing of suits, training of teamwork, or if you like, just enjoying playing 13 points against each other in a more competitive setting. Everyone can join the tournament regardless of their clans, and improve together.

Believe me, if I can hold 13 point matches weekly and get enough teams to join without having the need to offer prizes, I will go through the trouble of handling all the administrative work and planning weekly, perhaps even make it a league.

You always see players here talking about, you know, wanting to improve, wanting to play competitively, etc etc. Especially on the front page of clan threads. But what we are seeing here is just the opposite.

I thought that having more 13 point tourneys will be a good incentive to get the community to play competitively together, and learn from the games we had with each other. I had even set the games to be best out of 5, so that we can rack up more games during the tourney to learn more about how the other team plays.

I stand to gain nothing from hosting the tournament. And like you had said, I can do the whatever you had suggested, without even having to spend a single cent. But I offered some small prizes, despite having limited cash resources, in hope that people will want to join it. No matter what, those cash will be going out to someone, even if my team manages to win.

I don't really see your point about OC. I had started out the first GGFTW 13-point tourney with an OC5 CR Dog as my only OC5ed competitive-viable suit. I had much more options now, because I put in time and effort to OC the suits that I want (if people still remember, my aim of having 1 OC5 competitive suit for each class and rank). OC5, OC6 and OCEX are not something exclusive to our team - check the accomplishments thread. There is not too much difference between OC6 and OCEX, while OC5 should be playable at the very least. Also, Shift had his account banned, but being a University student who only have his weekends free, he is aiming for an OC5 Ball-K with his new account, and the last I checked, it should already be OC3 one week ago.

And as for my team, it's not like we don't put in effort into every competition which we joined. We had planned for training nights to improve our teamwork, and we discussed what suits to use as a team, so that I can try to OC my suits as high as possible. Example, during the second tournament, my MRLS hit OC6 only the night before the tournament after repeated grindings. At the very least, for me, I give my all in the tournaments that I joined. We put in effort to try to win.

tl;dr. I am disappointed with the attitudes, and not because 'boohoo no team to pwnzzz'. If everyone puts in efforts to play in the 13 points tournaments, the issues you had raised would not be that much of a problem.

I know how you feel Nek0, I just went through smtg similar with MARZ, and I have to agree with weiss + vandol in saying that the english community is well, just not competitive enough, we cant do too much about it besides trying to train people who are willing

This might help with how discouraged you are at the moment: bng and I trained our MS from no OC to OC5 for this tourney. In fact, bng started from scratch (I started from aced)
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