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Weiss is pretty much right.

When I showed interest in the tournament and tried to get some people out of the KR community to get interested, pretty much it was a matter of two excuses.

1- I don't feel like making a TW account to participate.
2- I don't feel like trying to grind up suits to participate. Or I feel that the current level of suits I possess could not hope to possibly compete with OC 5 Dynames ARs or other such top level competitive suits.

It's just a lot of hassle to get things primed, especially when the server's cream of the crop bands together. When 2-3 of the best players band up (which is natural) people will feel intimidated or write themselves off as having no chance.

I'll be honest in that I don't play TW much, but during the times I am on, there seems to be at least 3 or 4 people on out of the short list I've added on. It'd almost be more efficient to do what the English KR community does, and instead arrange for nightly or semi-nightly English player rooms to just have fun and work on their game. Sure there will be those that get angry at others and overreact (lord knows we have those all over the place in KR), but at the same time others will take that criticism and attempt to better themselves and not become liabilities.

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