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inb4u lol?! e????
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the remake bored me ~.~ maybe its because i rewatched NGE 3 month ago, but normally NGE never bored me (except of death an rebirth lol)

I expected much more improved visuals than just improved "Engel" only. They skipped some parts as well... which i didnt like.
I actually thought that its more based on the Manga than just a simple remake =.=

but still, that "Cube Engel" thingy scene was awesome.

im talkin about that one (yeah, i know its not a cube, it can transform 8D)
That scene wont get out of my head. Best animated scene imo in the whole Movie.

the last 10 minutes were great too... even tho the rest bored me.
But i kinda stick to the original. Hope the next one will be better.. Asuka's in the next movie 8D
Oh yeah... for the ecchi fans, 2 Scenes with Rei naked 8D

btw: There are a few fansubs out. Why not just watching that? D: