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Originally Posted by ComradeHX
Tutorial(mods please put this with the link to file in a new thread):

1. The .exe is a self-extracting archive, set the path to anywhere you like.
2. Start the program by going into the folder in which you extracted the program, and open "Sdolmain.EXE"
*You should hear Haro sounds when it opens*

3. Click on the SECOND button from the top, it will ask you to find the SDGO directory (whatever folder that has the GPackData.zpk, as the whole process revolves around this file).

4. After setting the game directory, click on the THIRD button from top.
*it will ask for another directory*

5. Set the second directory to the folder in which you store the TXRS and SDRS folders(basically, a folder that only contains the operator files).
6. Click on the FOURTH button from the top for preview, FIFTH button for sound preview(for any message window that pops up, just click "ok").

7. SEVENTH button from the top is for installing the operator by packing it into the GPackData.zpk.

8. After clicking on the seventh button from the top, it will have a dialog window that says "First time using this program, wait 10 minutes" and begins to make a backup of your files.

9. A dos window will pop up at the same time with another window with the "ok" button on it, DO NOT CLICK... I repeat, DO NOT CLICK ON IT UNTIL THE DOS WINDOW CLOSES ITSELF!!! Otherwise your game file will mess up and your PC self-destructs.

10. After the backing-up of files, just keep waiting until the second dos window (which unpacks the GPackData.zpk and repacks it with your Operator file in it) disappears.
*at the end of the re-packing, the dos window will ask you some questions... just type "y" and press enter for all of them.*

11. Enjoy your new Operator.

12. The fifth button from bottom is for making Operators, click on it and you will see something like "副官E", the E indicates operator E. The one on top left corner is default operator. You will have to import images and sounds (a list at bottom is provided, you can change all sounds of the operator). I am not 100% sure on how to use this so just make the operator with other guides, then put everything in a folder instead.

13. The 4th button from bottom is for deleting custom operator.
14. last three buttons links to chinese websites for MS data, Improvement pack(like operators, bgm, bg, effects) download, and download old version, respectively.

TO RETURN THE GAME TO NORMAL CONDITION FOR UPDATING(failure to do so will result in failed update):
Open one of the new .bat files made under your game directory and it will finish the work by itself while you wait and maybe watch a episode of anime or two (I highly recommend re-visiting some older gundam series).
urh the step 5 u say directory to the one containing the operators u mean the sdgo file or the one thats patching the sdgo???