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Originally Posted by zgmfx19a
That's the problem. You can get so familiar to lag because you play as a lagger all the time, you become accustomed to it, to the point you where know how to abuse it.

Normal players do not get used to, or want to play against laggy players 24/7 just so they can come up with some stupid strategy to fight against laggers.

I am not particularly biased against laggers, but to those who lag and are proud of abusing it, I have something against that. Like this guy whom I played with at points match not too long ago, who one-mile-meleed people while using Strike Noir, and locked us randomly while his team-mates get the kill.
That player is too lag...
Too lag players are easy targets.
Find their real body. Usually way lag behind.
Go there and hit many many critical : )
Then he will explode immediately.

Usually these big network latency are cause by special software like qq doc, not geographical location.