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V. 3rd Job:
First of all I would like to congratulate you for reaching 3rd Job because coming this far is not an easy task. To narrow your choices Iíll summarize the abilities of Duke and Gambler. Gamblers are Offense Oriented, having an array of AoE Skills: Full House, and Power Charging. While Dukes on the other hand are more Defense Oriented having one of the best defensive skills on your disposal: Sumo Suit. The choice is entirely up to you. Offense or Defense?

[Gambler] Skills:

Power Charging:
A stronger version of Impelling Rage but it can hit up to 6 targets.

Full House:
A powerful AoE card skill that does high damage and adds a stun effect if a target is successfully hit. But this skill is a double edged sword. If a caster failed to damage the target. The caster will take the damage; success and fail rates are determined by LK. Uses 5 Empty Cards. This skill is based on AP, HV and LK. Although this is not as powerful as an HV Full House, itís still effective specially if chained with other AoEs.

Lady Luck:
An add-on skill for One Pair that alters the damage formula of the skill. This skill increases the Cards that are being thrown at One Pair. The more cards consumed by the skill, the higher the damage. This will greatly increase One Pairís Damage.


[Duke] Skills:

Team Bolster:
A passive add-on skill to Shield All. This skill is for those who like to GvG. When you are in a party, anyone who reaches your Shield All range adds up additional DP Bonus to the caster (ex. 5 members are within range you gain 66% DP). This skill works well in conjunction with Siren Song, although coordination among team members plays a vital role.

Siren Song:
Cone-directed AoE; this skill relies on HP and DP. A good skill to cast after Impelling Rage. Although the direction of the AoE is really erratic, it packs quite a punch if you have the right equipment. I suggest you refine your defensive gear to its maximum to get the most out of this skill.

Sumo Suit:
A powerful defensive skill that decreases physical and magical damage dealt to the caster. This skill is HV-based but only minimal HV (301 HV) is required to achieve -50% reduction on magic and physical damage. Add this skill on your array of defensive skills and you have a tough nut to crack!

Deadly Funk:
An AoE version of Skunk Pouch. This skill targets the ground where the players are placed. The probability of getting hit by this skill is same as Skunk Pouch.

Optional Skills:

Volley Kick:
A Short Ranged Melee attack. Based on HV and AP. This skill may not be based on your current build and has no add-on skills to make it stronger. But whatís good about this skill is its low cooldown. You can strengthen its effect by equipping HV and AP gears, this skill can be useful on PvM situations when you need a spammable attack skill.
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