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IV. 2nd Job [Card Master]:
At this stage, you will eventually try to decide whether you’re going to be a Gambler or a Duke. If your plan is to go Duke, although this is the Card Master Stage, you won’t be learning any card skills yet, why? Because you’re an HP type, and card skills are based on HV (and some AP), you can just learn it later if you like. And for the guys who would like to get Metamorphosis, it is not recommended to do so, since it’s also based on HV (AP,DP and LK). I suggest you finish the unmastered buffs from the 1st job since they are more helpful than other 2nd job offensive skills. The skills that are interesting for this build are: Super Hips and Impelling Rage. If you plan to go Gambler, then you can learn Card Skills together with Super Hips and Impelling Rage since the 3rd Job skill Full House requires One Pair. So you better learn Card Strike to get One Pair.

Card Strike:
A ranged offensive skill that consumes 1 Empty Card. Deals splash short range AoE Damage.

Super Hips:
This allows the user to avoid all critical attacks and power attacks coming from an enemy of the similar level. A very helpful passive add-on skill to Dodge Mastery.

Impelling Rage:
HP-based AoE skill that pushes target away from the user. Can hit up to 5 targets. The 1st Offensive Damaging skill you will learn (If you’re planning to be a Duke) and it’s worth the wait, since you will enjoy pushing enemies away and the longer they travel the higher the damage, so don’t put your targets near an obstacle or a wall because their damage will be decreased. This skill also relies on your current HP so the higher the HP you currently got the stronger the damage. This is good together with Skunk Pouch when hunting Boss Monsters, I remember killing Tut with just 1 Critical Impelling Rage attack (unfortunately no uniques).

One Pair:
A ranged offensive skill that consumes 2 Empty Cards. Unlike Card Strike this skill only hits one target.
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