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III. 1st Job [Teacher]:
This is the most difficult part of creating this build that even I got bored many times when grinding at early stages. The only break that I got is when I was finally able to equip the Pharaoh Set (Level:35) since it offers elemental attributes so you are able to kill mobs faster this time. Since this build doesn’t have any single offensive damaging skills yet, we might as well make up for buffs and passives. At this point you can learn a bunch of buffs and passives to support your character’s defenses.

So let’s talk about the skills:

Warm Up:
A beginner skill. The only free charm type skill you can acquire.

Dodge Mastery:
Increases HV. Dodge Mastery is the bread and butter buff skill for charms since it is related to most charm skills available. Well in this case, its chain connected skills are Manna Reflector, Sumo Suit and Swinging Hips.

Manna Reflector:
Reflects Magic attacks a very good skill in GvG, PvP and PvM, requires HV for more damage reduction so cast your Dodge Mastery if you want to activate this as well.

Shield All:
Raises DP and affects party members, Stacks with Sturdy Shield, This skill combined with Sturdy Shield will let you have monsters hitting you with 0 Damage on early levels due to high defense.

Sturdy Shield:
An Individual skill that raises DP; A very good buff that will work in conjunction with Shield All since combined with your HP and Team Bolster (with party members near you of course) will raise Siren’s Song’s damage when choosing the Duke 3rd Job Class.

Skunk Pouch:
The target cannot move if the skill connects successfully, this is a great skill good for stunning bosses and other players and once stunned, use Impelling Rage. Just be sure it is within the skill’s range for maximum damage.
Skunk Pouch has a downside, its effectiveness is very erratic (you may cast the skill several times for it to successfully connect) so master it for increased effectiveness.

Physical Training:
Increases your character's base HP. A must-have skill for a pure HP build. The higher the HP, the higher the Impelling Rage Damage.
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