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Default [OneOfAKind]ís [Pure HP] Racoon Guide

Hello guys! First of all, thank you for taking your time on reading this guide. Now, we will be talking about a very peculiar build. Peculiar, in a sense that this is not recommended being your first character choice, since on early levels you wonít have any offensive skills that will complement your main stat HP, this may need you to get elemental weapons to boost your attack strength, but along the way you will get those HP related skills which are pretty good. All you need is patience and dedication. This build is focused on building defense because itís said that a good defense is the best offense, well you can prove that here because some skills will show you that the higher the HP and DP the higher the damage!

Before I proceed to the guide I would like to thank the following people for helping me out through the course of this guide:

Mirae: for giving me info about raccoon skills.
Moffit: for providing me Gambler screenies.
Simplyecks: giving me more skill info and idea on how to build the equipments for my HP raccoon.
Janexii / ChocoGlaze: for proof reading my work before I release it to the public. And giving me moral support.

This guide is created by OneOfAKind of contents may not be redistributed without permission from the creator.

Please give a +rep if this guide is helpful to you
Thank you so much guys!
Comments are pretty much appreciated.

I. Pros and Cons
II. Build Graphs
III. First Job
IV. Second Job
V. Third Job
VI. Skill Breakdown
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