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Ania had disposed of a few of the undead angels with her whip, making sure none made their way close to Anna. As she wrapped her weapon around another victim, she glanced at the shattering barriers of Mana.

Good, it seems at least that's going as planned..

As she was about to crush the angel with rocky spikes, pillars of light started to rain down on all in the Asgard party. One of the pillars landed right in front of her, conveniently on the undead angel, and utterly pulverized the poor soul. Her eyes widened in extreme shock, horrified by the power of these beams. She retracted her weapon and began to dodge the pillars in desperation. Ania has somehow managed to yell out as she dodged swiftly:

"Protect Maya, at all costs-" She narrowly escaped another pillar, which grazed her left arm and seared her flesh. She let out a stifled, yet pained grunt.

"She can't be hit! Protect her!" Ania continued to dodge the pillars, and fell back as quickly as she could to get to her.

Boris snarled angrily when he saw Makoto assault Bianca.. If there was anything he couldn't stand, it was to see a grown man hurt an innocent girl. Especially "miss" Bianca. However he managed somehow to contain his rage enough to focus on retrieving that precious flute. He dodged the incoming pillars of light with much agility, and he didn't seem surprised in the slightest to see them fall upon the party, his determined expression unchanged. The zmalaj sneaked up swiftly and quietly to Makoto while he was being physically and verbally assaulted by Rune and aimed to swipe the flute for the man's hands.

If it wasn't for Rune pouncing on you first, I'd already be in the process of killing you...
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