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Originally Posted by Aimee
If you could create a world, what would it be like?
Firstly, unicorns would grow on trees and would taste like strawberries. Then dinosaurs would roam the nations wearing top hats and monocles. Everyone would dress in fancy Baroque-styled clothing. Oh, and I would be a butcher.

Originally Posted by Mirae
Join me in bed?
ohbby. yesplz.

Originally Posted by Kudaranai
If you can change one thing about your past, or about yourself, what would it be and why?

Not waiting until the very last-minute to do things would be great. Whether it was getting homework turned in back in high school, taking the SATs (my first SAT was the second to last one being offered that I could take in time to send scores it; the very last one was my subject tests, lol), or paying my housing fees for my dorm.

Originally Posted by Shnao
What is your ideal partner? :3
Someone who's a lot like me. They need to have a good sense of humor and have to either be a geek/nerd/dork like I am, or at least finds it charming. They also have to be quirky and musically-inclined (I have a thing for band geeks). Oh, and they need to have amazing hair. I love nice hair.

Originally Posted by iEwic
What is your favorite Game aside on RPG?
I don't totally get the question: favorite RPG or favorite aside (as in scene) in an RPG? Nonetheless, I'll answer both interpretations.

My favorite RPG will probably have to be Star Ocean (the Second Story, to be more specific). I know Final Fantasy is probably the most popular RPG-franchise, but Star Ocean packs in the action that I like. It's similar to the Tales series, but there's the re-playability factor that I enjoy that Star Ocean really brings to the table. Oh, and the amazing amount of recruitable characters gives it two thumbs-up from me.

As far as scenes go, I don't think I have a favorite. Usually a humorous, cheeky scene stands out to me. One of the ones I recall was in FFIX when Zidane and Princess Garnet hop onto one of the airships and Zidane takes a moment to grab Garnet's rear-end. I always smirk when I play through and watch that scene.

Originally Posted by MintyVampire
How would you live your life differently if you've got a chance to start over?

loool@Mirae's question

another question...Just realized my question is really similar to Kuda's
-What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?
To your first question, I'd definitely be more adventurous. It'd be great to go back through life taking more chances and trying out more things. I feel like I missed out on so much by just sitting around taking the back seat.

I don't think I'd do anything differently if I knew nobody would judge me. I already go about my business acting however I want just because that's my personality. But it'd be nice to dress-up whenever I want to, rather than on certain occasions. I'd love to go to class with a pair of slacks, oxfords, and a freshly-ironed button-up if it wasn't for the fact that it'd be a bit inconvenient to rush around to all my classes like that. Running with a pair of oxfords on? Haha, no.

Originally Posted by MaidLatte
Today when I was _____ I came upon a _____ lying _____. I _____ and _____ until I _____.

Could go so many ways..

Other question:
Do you twirl that mustache while thinking evil thoughts? Or is it a stalling habit to distract your foes with your nice mustache while you use an Escape Rope?
Today when I was showering, I cope upon a raccoon lying sideways. I shampoo'd and conditioned until I beat the raccoon mercilessly with a roll of toilet paper.

I twirl my mustache all day, e'ryday. By twirling it, it increases it's attack and damage statistics. A nice buff for prepping for battle. During the channeling time, it also leaves me invulnerable so it also doubles as a great defensive measure. Perfect for stalling the battle while the escape rope does it's duty.

Originally Posted by Settie
How long did it take you to grow that 'stache? <:
A couple months. Took hours upon hours a day of both physical and mental training to prepare for it.

Originally Posted by Shanni!
How do you like San Jose?

Bay Area, wuut wuut.
San Jose is amazing. It's a definite change from living in Fresno/the Central Valley. Especially the air, lol. I used to live in one of the most populated areas of the nation (the neighboring cities, as well as mine, are all in the top 10 of the nation, actually). It's definitely a breath of fresh air whenever I'm up North. My acne clears up, too.

Originally Posted by Gaap
Any advice to all of the men with a mustache?

Daily grooming.
Not only does it give your mustache extra experience points, but it also increases it's happiness towards you.

Originally Posted by Seru
If you could meet a 13 year-old version of yourself; what advice would you give yourself that you wish you'd have known than.
I'd teach my 13-year-old self everything I know from AP Calculus and Microeconomics. Prep myself for a 5 on those AP Exams.

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