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Originally Posted by maxpayne
Hmmmm, TW & HK we're given silent treatment as to when he would be released but as far as i remembered back in KR they had the "Arch Angel" ice burner released for a short time to commemorate Chung aka " Godric" release; i'm just hunching that by August, TW/HK would be having that Seiker guy.

Anyhow, got some dates on JP release? failtastic at reading jap, this was the best i could do

So, each week, they're planning to unveil something new about lacher/chung/trap, on the 29th, they unveil screenies about lacher, and that seems to be the last thing thats unclickable on their teaser site ,and their current major events end @ the 7/6, SO therefore...

my guess is 7/6~7/7 (depending on where u live) where chung/lacher will be released due to most events ending, unless they plan to release him after the 3 week webmoney campaign which is 7/12, then idk