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With Makoto down with these numbers, he was surely done for. Theresia relaxed her guard, and the suits of armor stood back up.

As expected, our numbers are too great for one to handle.

With a wave of his hand, Leht was able to push out a wave of air just strong enough to alter the course of the arrows a bit, causing them to miss. At first, Leht thought the orbs were flying towards him to blow up. And then they fired lasers. He quickly erected a thin stone wall, which probably wasn't going to hold long, but it didn't need to, as long as it blocked Serena's view of him. Behind the wall, Leht made 3 illusions of himself. They looked off if you got a good look at them, but they'd be running anyway, so Leht figured it'd be ok.

All 4 Lehts ran around the stone wall and headed towards Serena, while hopefully avoiding any shots that'd expose the illusion.