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Originally Posted by Bunnehx3
Trading blows with GP? Really? He has a skill that heals him, his Q can crit as well, and if he gets close to you, and hits you, the burning damage is there, as well as the chance of critting. IMO, traading blows with GP is never a good thing. Especially if you're squishy, which... Akali, is sorta.
flat ad marks, defense seals, mr per lvl or ap glyphs, ap quints

run some beginning defense/dodge( i prefer defense) runes with akali... its kind necessary for melee champions.

his citrus barely heals anything, is mostly used for cleansing, and should be left at lvl 1. If he is maxing it second.. it still doesn't heal much compared to your spell vamp after getting revolver

Champions don't come with initial crit. If gp is critting a lot without crit items.. that means he is running crit chance runes. The maximum crit chance possible at lvl 1 would be around 16%. If you run defense runes, his non-crit parleys will barely do anything and you can certainly trade blows with him. Crit chance runes suck compared to flat ad/some armor pen for laning.

Every champion is squishy unless they build tanky items x.x( im not telling you to build tank, just saying champions are all squishy unless they build otherwise)

you can trade blows with gp.. just dont get shot twice and only q him once.... gp, if both on equal footing, cant fight akali straight on 1 v 1. So you can use the bush advantage at top, since he wont go in the bush. Just dont fight him with melee while a bunch of his minions attack you. I can't stress how important it is to use bush vs GP.. again, 1 of your Q > gp's Q if you build correctly/have correct runes/and not underleveled or farmed.

If this is just a QQ thread about GP rather than honestly asking for advice, then what i have posted is all futile. But just fyi, Akali is a very strong and much feared solo top champion. not checking thread anymore
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