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Boris and Ania both dodged the ice spears swiftly and safely, although Boris found more enjoyment in slicing them with wind magic.

The male zmalaj, who had been close to Bianca for the majority of this time, stood right by the girl and Theresia, who had created a mass of shields around herself and the angel. As to further add to her defense, he raised his hand and launched bursts of compressed air at Makoto, hoping that he could push the man off his course and unbalance him enough so that they could strike him more easily.

Ania was a bit worried about how chaotic and rather dire the situation was for everyone.. It's not something she had really experienced before. However she shook it off and jumped high into the air, standing mid-way between where Leht and Finir were. She withdrew her whip and began to spin it next to her quite a speed.

"I'll make sure that none of you get past us.."

And with that, she launched her Kulyaleza at the nearest angel, aiming to wrap it from head to toe with her beads that quickly morphed into sharp spikes, which would impale the miserable creature..
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