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(nice trick at friend requesting me so I come back see the site XD)

Oh wow, you made a thread for me!


I wasn't sure if you were going to since I'm not as active as the others. >_< (I did check yesterday evening or so which would've been Europe's 23rd I think but there was nothing by then so I assumed you weren't going to >_<; now I see I guess you were trying to fit in to NA's 23rd... close, but remember in HK now. Either way I'm happy.)

But yea, yesterday was the most depressing birthday in my life. x_x Because I was away from my family in HK sitting in my room all by myself. I don't really have any friends to do anything big here, and most of my friends from Canada forgot. (The few that remembered were a day late so I thought they were going to forget yesterday. >_<)

I didn't really get any presents nor did I really "buy myself anything", but I did go shopping yesterday (which only coincidentally coincided with my birthday; I go shopping a lot here). Yesterday I got:

2 Pilot 78Gs: one red F and one black B (I wanted a green F dammit)
a Pentel Graphgear 1000
5 boxed of Pilot ENO 2B 0.3 lead and one box of HB (I accidentally bought ENO when I wanted AIN dammit)
a Master grade Zaku II model
all volumes of Love Hina in Chinese (I normally don't buy anything translated from Japanese, but I make an exception for Chinese stuff sometimes for the purposes of language learning, and it's not like I'm going to buy Love Hina in Japanese anyways... and more than anything the Chinese version is SO DAMN CHEAP)

I was planning on getting Project Diva 2nd (finally) but unfortunately the store that had it last week was sold out. When I asked if they had it they're like:

"sorry, we're sold out of the game itself, we only have the psp bundle pack"
(the psp bundle pack comes with a special Miku themed psp)

Unfortunately it was $3000 HK... which is like... way too much money and more than double the price of the PSP normally. I would have still got it probably if I didn't have a PSP already but... if I buy that now I'd have 2 psps and I'd lose a lot of money if I try to sell my current PSP. But damn I wish I didn't buy my PSP in Canada; in HK they are cheaper (for normal PSPs), in more colours, in more models (I kid you not there are NOS 2000s still selling; didn't see any 1000s but maybe), and with a guaranteed hackable firmware (they say the firmware and advertise it XD; in Canada I had to buy a bundle pack I knew was from last year to get a guaranteed hackable firmware)

But whatever. I'll try to manage with my normal mystic silver psp. I got the Project Diva Accessory Kit anyways which was pretty lucky and I was so happy about. (last week)