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Default [Event] Free Skill Initialization Card with Client Update 2.7

Hello, fans of Lunia

As we announced, there would be tons of changes with character skills. (Sorry for those other character who didn't get character balance this time.)

So we decide to supply "Skill Initialization Card" which works for 24 hours, unlimited times of reset your skill points.

Hope that you guys are having great time with us!

[Where to get]

* After the maintenance, you should be able to purchase this cash item for free ( ZERO L coin ^^) at web cash shop or in-game cash shop.

Go to
"HOT" category, look for cash item titled "[Event] Skill Reset Card (24h)"


Since you might have more than one character, you might need more than one card. This card can be purchased only 5 of them for free per one account. If you have more than 5 characters, so sorry.