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Drake smirked, "Cool story, bro," There has to be some way to crack that barrier... Drake vaulted back and melted the ice coming his way with a quick blazing wall of fire.

"Hey, my adorable little ginger nephew!" Kai called out mockingly as he strided on over as if nothing was happening, "Look at his hands, he might have delicious candy for you in them~" he laughed as he gunned down any incoming ice shards that were coming his way.

"What the hell are you ta--" Drake blinked as he brought himself to look. It seems the magic from the barriers surrounding the blond were coming from a particular ring on his hand. There was another rather flashy one there with a deep scarlet gem but that was of no importance now, ".. Oh, yeah uncle. But all he has are shitty Milky Ways. Nobody likes those."

"Oh, how sad," Kai shrugged his shoulders.

"Just what in blazes are you two talking about?" Teodoro asked from where he was standing with Bianca. He shot down the ice shards that were coming his and Bianca's way.


"Sin Mode...? How cute. Only a mere imitation of what the Seven Princes were like in their prime," Lucifer said rather mockingly, "All that power... My daughter must have granted you that."

Ludo stepped up with the sins, "I thought you were in Hell where you were banished, Lucifer," he commented as he vaguely recalled a ancient text he read once upon a time, "Well, whatever..." the fox shrugged his shoulders as he walked on. Past the sins he went with Romeo and Charlie behind him, "I've always wanted to fight a prince of hell."

"Yeah, right," Lucifer scoffed as he finished his cigarette and tossed the butt elsewhere.

"Oh forgive me, I lied," Ludo adjusted his glasses. The fox then raised his hand and Lucifer flew back into the tunnel the group travelled in prior. The man didn't seem to try to fight back though... He looked to the two angels, and they all ran after the fallen angel.

Meanwhile the possessed Lau didn't bat an eye as she effortlessly parried Sara's blade. Lau forced Sara back and then something unexpected happened: Lau herself went into Sin Mode! Soon enough she was darbed in a black robe and a grand sword replaced her hammer in a heartbeat. Her youthful features were twisted in a sadistic grin as she lunged forwards at Sara, her sword clashing with her fellow Sin's.

Shigeru and Kirai also followed suit in going into their respective Sin Modes, and effortlessly parried the lasers with great expertise. Be it Lucifer's ability entirely or them being that skilled with the sword is unknown.


"Maya," Frigga turned to look to the angel, "I hope you memorized the scores well. If the others read and memorized their own properly then everything should fall into place properly..."

Maya nodded, "... Yes, Lady Frigga."

The rotting forms of the angels that had fire directed at them took the full blow of Grandison's fire magic. However, this only served to slow them down. Now burning in a blazing inferno the ghouls reached the Asgard party, and one even attempted to bring its blade down on the blond man.

And as this went on... Those who were playing the flute finally began. Maya started first with a peaceful intro, and soon enough Bianca and Jun followed suit. The melody echoed through the cavern, even through the sounds of fighting and magic crackling in the air. The music was just as Maya said- beautiful and could even move the hearts of one who stopped to listen.

Unfortunately the parties don't have time for that now.

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