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Default [Announcement] Full size installation client 2.7 is here

[Announcement] Full size installation client 2.7 is here | Facebook

Hello, all fans of Lunia

Currently, long 30 hours maintenance is undergoing.

For the mean time, you can download full size Lunia client version 2.7 installation file here.
After scheduled maintenance hour, you can download files at "Client Download" page at

[How to install new client file]

(1) Download "Client Download" solution first. This is small program makes download speed faster around US region. This solution is provided by Media Index, called "BlastShark"

Download file name should be "Lunia_Blast_Setup.exe"

Click [Here] to download "BlastShark"

If you have a problem downloading or using "Lunia_Blast_Setup.exe", please report at "Discussion" page.

(2) Run "Lunia_Blast_Setup.exe" by double click the file and start to download Lunia Installation file.

Once you start to run "BlastShark", you should have program window such as following.
Select download folder you wish to save Lunia Installation file.
"BlastShark" supports STOP and Go function so you can download complete file time to time.

(3) Once you complete downloading Lunia Installation File, run it and complete game client installaton on your PC

Lunia client installation file name : Lunia_Installer_20110615271400.exe

(4) Wait until the end of maintenance hour.