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Drake quickly dodged the swords coming his way, and melted any he couldn't quite dodge with his fire magic. Since nobody else seemed to be bothering he used Kai who had just dodged the ice himself as a stepping stool and jumped up into the air. He landed short of the Utgard side's assailant but quickly followed up with a punch at the man.

"Oy! Watch it!" Kai barked as he searched for where the flute fell... Oh boy, "Here... Yo, Bianca!"

Bianca ran over to Kai, a bit of her dress torn from ice, "Y-yes?"

Kai shoved the flute into her hands, "You play it! You have to score in your bag too, right!?"

"B-but... I don't think I'd--"

"Just play it! I know you can!" Kai urged her, "You did it in your first life as Zadkiel and I'm sure you can do it again!" Before Bianca could reply, he quickly dashed off and called forced a pair of revolvers. Time to kick some ass.

Bianca was still dumbfounded, confused... "How... How did you know that?..." was all she could say. This isn't the time to think about that!... He's right... I have to play this while the others are busy with that blond man.... The angel mustered up her courage and shouted to the other groups, "We have to play at the same time! Get the others in your groups to protect the players! If we can stall just long enough..." Bianca trailed off before running to the glyph and standing on it.

Teodoro ran to Bianca's side with his bow in hand, "I'll be sure to snipe down anymore ice that may come our way. We're too close to our goal now to go down here!"


"Ugh..." Maya held her side, "Just a few broken ribs... But I'll live..." the angel slowly rose up and sheathed her weapon, "Do as Zadkiel.. As Bianca says. They're here to prevent us from opening the passage to Niflheim... If we just force them back and succeed in our mission..." She walked over to the glyph and sheathed her weapon. Just as she had been before the attack started she drew the flute from her bag, "Jun, was it? I trust your sisters will be able to force back Luci--"


"God damn it, Rune!" the black haired man nearly hissed as he cut off Maya, "How many times do I have to tell you? Don't call me Hooch!" ... the man sighed, and took a deep puff of his cigarette then exhaled deeply, "... My name's Lucifer... Oh and... I'll be borrowing these."

With a snap of his fingers, Shigeru and Kirai began to act... erratic. The two girls held their heads, muttering perhaps curses or groans... Maybe even both. The two girls then turned to the other sins- Shigeru and Kirai raised their handcannons, ready to fire at any moment. Soon Lau followed suit, and drew a giant hammer as she and the two other sins got ready to strike.

"Oh no, he's controlling them," Romeo said rather dryly with disdain. That being the first thing he'd said since they came to the center of the tree, he drew his rapier and stepped forward. Magic winds wrapped itself around the blade, turning it into a completely different weapon. A grand two-hander that the man only needed a single hand to wield.

"Whatever will we do?" Charlie cried, actually sounding worried of the situation! He bent over and touched the surface of the water with his right index finger, then the ice shot up in the form of a spear. Charlie grabbed a hold of this and stepped forward as the ice chipped away- revealing a real spear hidden within the ice, "Do you think big brother Luci will go easy on us?"

"Nnnnnnnope. Hey, Jun... Forget about fighting. Just focus on playing that flute."


Serena blinked, "Aren't you all so lively? Anyways it was easy enough. All we had to do was mask our mana signatures and keep our mana low. There are countless routes through the trees to get to the centre, it's just a matter of knowing how to get around!" She laughed as she drew a deck of cards from her blazer pocket. She cast out around fifteen cards, and in their place small explosions went off where they landed. When the smoke cleared, various angelic looking figures stood before them. however, something was very grotesque about them: rotting flesh, moulting black wings, and the miasma they let off led to those who breathed it in coughing. Each angel had various weapons in hand...

And on each of her fingers transparent strands of magic attached Serena to each of them, like a puppeteer. With a movement of her fingers the undead lunged forwards, weapons raised. In the back three archers fired off volleys of arrows at the Asgard party.

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