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SushiDomo is just really niceSushiDomo is just really niceSushiDomo is just really niceSushiDomo is just really nice
IGN: SushimyRoll
Class: Magics :D (Witchita and Wichito) to_soulmaster
Level: 215
Guild: Kawaii~Toast
Xfire: Soumii

X3 we're a kinda laid back guild that helps people often. We have ages ranging from teen-adult. We're not super GVG, but we do occasionally because some request it so our gvg is.. lol squat. We do have afkers 24/7 whether it be drilling, selling, or working and drilling. Being active is a must thought so at least log in once a week.

My grammar sucks old turdy chicken ;_; and my typing fails a the moment due to my horrible horrible lenovo laptop whose keys never work and I need to incessantly stab my keys to type out a coherent sentence resulting in what I call angry typing.

Our guild is filled with people who enjoy helping, when their not afk of course.

We hope that you can join us soon ^_^

Hatsuchi Clan
World: Jewelia