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Originally Posted by MintyVampire
Groom Vinosh & Bride Kyu Set = pretty!!! I don't find the pets that cute though. The Log in page is <3

The new pet fusing system seems interesting..hmm

I agree with the log in page, I wonder what jTO was thinking about when they designed it. Hehehe. But why don't you like the pets? What's not to like? TELL ME. (Or face the fiery wrath of my cake gun! Pew pew!)

I don't get the pet fusion thingy... If you fuse two of the same pets but different tiers won't they look exactly the same? Like, Azhi 60 (image) and an Azhi 100 (stat) fusion would look exactly the same, except the name would say "Azhi 60" instead of "Azhi 100". Unless I'm missing something.
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