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Layton is on a distinguished road

I think I'm a tad late?

Okay, anyways. My forum name is Layton, my in game name is Kiba, my real name is Samantha. I are 16 years old.


I love all things cute, Mr. Saturns, and penguin bacon.
But most of all, I especially love Professor Layton. (I play my DS more than anything, really)

I've loved it for a couple years now, and I still do. I always go to sleep with my Layton & Luke dolls ! n.n

I was an Astronite at the beginning And I love Astro and the members a lot. I'm so happy I can be a part of this guild. c: I'm usually online but I sort of.. Get up.. And leave the computer a lot lol.

I probably have the worst internet in the whole entire guild. :B I D/C multiple times throughout the day, so don't mind me~ :3