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Originally Posted by Defiance
You can use auto aim with the beam rifle, but I don't think it will work that well with the shield zook. Manual aim = better shooting overall, especially when kiting while Red Comet is on. It's not mandatory, but it's useful to know.
i was talking about back when sazabi still had fortress... the range of the missiles weren't that long, so i basically only used it pretty up close anyway, which made it easier to hit with auto aim

did they ever increase the range for it? I havn't actually used sazabi's missiles at long ranged from habit, so i don't really know...

Originally Posted by tehprognoob
IMO Red Comet is more consistent with the anime, since Sazabi was easily damaged by Nu, and in fact Char himself remarked that his saber was weaker than Amuro's.
anaheim really ripped Char off with that huh?

lol i've got over 1200 pvp games with my sazabi... probably the most out of any suit