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Default [MSoTW][20/06 - 26/06]MSN-04 Sazabi

Since a previous thread discussed about Sazabi, I decided that my next review will be about this suit. I already reviewed this suit in my GGFTW Blog, but I'd like to review it again as a comparison about how Sazabi fared before and how it fared now.

The weapons:

Mode 1

W1: Small Shield Missile
- medium range, fast reload. Has 3 ammo.
Probably Sazabi's main selling point for range-based gameplay (yes, no kidding) because these shield missiles fire fast and reloads fast. At OC5 attack, these things can put a great deal of hurt against most suit types without PS armor or Vet Sniper.

W2: Beam rifle
- Standard beam rifle but with bigger a projectile. Identical to NT-D's previous weapon shot, but Sazabi/Nu had it first. Has 11 ammo and has medium reload.

W3: Funnels - These babies used to be hax, well it still is if used properly. With strengthened funnels on, Sazabi can turn a WZC into swiss cheese in seconds. The range is sort of deceiving even if it says medium range, but it's actually just a bit longer than medium. Has long reload and can send out 6 funnels all at once before reloading.

Special: Ranged

Mode 2:

W1: Beam tomahawk - Quite good speed, but not freedom-fast. You can ZBS with it and it works quite well. 4 hits before knockdown and has short range.

W2: Beam sabers x2 - These twin beam sabers are fast, and I mean hits fast. It reloads fast too, so you can't go wrong with that. It can be used to catch enemies for first strike, then hit with W1. Players can previously chain up to 8 hits with the plain combo but it got nerfed (it does around 6 or 7 now). It is still possible to go beyond that now, but you have to know your melee basics.

Special: Melee


The Red Comet:
Movement speed is increased + Boost duration is increased, when the HP of the unit drops below 50%. This makes good ol' Sazabi less clunky.

Enhanced Funnels: Funnel Attack power is increased + Funnel reload time is decreased + Funnel Special attack is increased.

But Buster, how do I play Sazabi? It's an old suit without feg flashlights or homing weapons! Most Scissors even have Vet Ranger! Sazabi looks plain and weak compared to NT-D, Strike Freedom, and Akatsuki!

- Yes, it does seem that way but looks can be deceiving. There's no such thing as a bad suit, but only a bad player. Sazabi has zooks that actually hurt (with enough OC of course) and reloads faster than NT-D. I can even say that Sazabi's zook fires a bit faster than the standard zook suit (tested with Unicorn A and Sazabi). The beam rifle is sorta slow but you can fix that with 3 points into Agi. I must insist that 3 Custom points in Agi is a must if you want to play Sazabi normally.

How did you build your Sazabi, Buster?

- Well, err...


3 Custom points into SP, then 2 OC points for a total of 5 into SP. The rest goes into attack. Strengthened Funnels add SP damage into mode 1 so this build is more of a trololol build. Played a game with Dorrko some time ago, and Sazabi with hax SP can really clean out a lot of suits in one go. But I only use this because I know my Sazabi inside out. Used to be 3 Agi, rest attack but I changed it for the lulz.

All in all, Sazabi isn't a bad suit. If you know your range and melee basics, you'll do fine. You don't have to be a Newtype to use this, but it helps if you are.

Sazabi then vs Sazabi now

Sazabi back then was a top-tier scissor. It was even debated which Scissors were the best and Sazabi, FAZZ, and Destiny had that top 3. That was BEFORE NT-D, Akatsuki, and Strike Freedom came in. With it's hax melee, it can even outmelee Infinite Justice but was eventually nerfed. The beam pistol with a wide projectile was a treat and funnels were all the rage.

Sazabi now? Well, it's a relic that's heavily outclassed by the newer Scissors like X2, NT-D, Arios, Akatsuki and SF. Don't let that put you off though. It's still a VERY playable suit. Just don't be reckless. You're not protected by plot-armor and can still pretty much die.

Oh and I almost forgot, you need to learn MANUAL AIM to be able to play Sazabi.

Char: You again...
Amuro: Sorry, but I'm here to steal your show.

And now, some videos!

The video that inspired me to make Sazabi. That was about... a year ago?

This one is from Cybaster. Very sick Sazabi gameplay.
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