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Originally Posted by mikecxz
for akali:

unless im mistaken, aren't you able to get 4 potions if you wait a couple seconds with boots?

also, about lichbane, i usually end up getting sheen and then leaving it until after i get rylia, boots, and a gunblade. this generally helps me stay alive longer but i wont end up getting it until later on in mid-game
Ehh,, you can do that, but you don't have to. Most people who go boots + 3 pots Akali go mid. And... 3 pots is all you need really. Which I have to say, I would recommend them doing. Akali mid = gg, as long as you're not against morde, but then again. If you're good at harrassing, mord can't do anything.

A thing I would like to add in Akali though, Hourglass... I find unnecessary. I can see the potential however, but still. I find it unnecessary. If they target you, late game, just go warmog for the gg hp. With the additional hp, and with twilight shroud, I fail to see how you can get owned, especially if you're well farmed.

Why I go Warmog? For the fun of it. When do I go Warmog? When I'm sick of all the stuns which cause my death. I generally get Warmog as my last item (I know, bad habit, to even get Warmog at the end), but it works for me since I usually start owning since I'm lvl 3~6, I'd get all my main items before I hit lvl 11, and I'd have extra gold to fool around with Akali. with Rylai, has around 2.2k+ hp end game. Imagine with a boost of 1350 HP, making your hp well over the 3.5k mark. Not only do you have a... sorta... decent HP Regen, you are able to somewhat tank the hits without being ggwtfpwndz by a nuke, and twilight shroud which makes you invis allows you to have more survivability. Of course, Hourglass can be extremely useful, thanks to its +100 AP, and being invincible, but. Generally having HP is more stressless.

*Note: Going Warmog, is extremely dependant on the situation (Whether you can farm enough gold or not). I note. And I specifically note, only those who love having hp, should go Warmog. If not, then simply don't. It's just my preference, although, I only go Warmog around... 1/5~1/10 games*.

Oh, on a note on the 3/5 Early game ranking you have given Akali. I totally disagree tbh. When I do mid akali (the only akali I play anyways =/), I win*** about 9.5/10 times against other mid heroes. If the opponent at mid is a squishy hero, then its pretty much gg for them. If its a melee, same thing. GG for them, they won't be able to go near creeps. The only one who I find the most annoying while playing mid Akali, would be someone like a full crit Tryndamere (most people think that this is such a stupid decision, but I dare you to try it. It pwns, especially with full crits. Against a squishy character, 1 crit = 1/3 damage done.), apen Jarvan, or Mord. Mord is just annoying whatever build he goes ==" lol. Shroud + Q Skill with combo hit pretty much denies the opposition team from gaining any experience, especially if they are a squishy char. Once Akali turns lvl 6 = GG provided the other guy is squishy and half hp. W -> Q -> R -> Hit -> Q -> Hit -> E -> Ignite = GG.

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